Individual counselling services for adults and youth presenting with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief and loss, anger management, and more.  Maybe you don’t know exactly what has led you here, but things just don’t feel quite right.  Together we will figure out what you are looking for, what is holding you back, and how to make a change.  I help people learn to worry less, quiet the noise, and take control back of their lives.


Couples counselling available for relationship difficulties, infidelity, parenting conflict, etc.  We all come from different backgrounds with different values, morals, and experiences.  We often don’t understand this about each other and assume OUR way is THE way, which can lead to conflict.  Together, we can navigate these differences and work toward bringing your relationship to the place you both want it.


School Refusal counselling.  This behaviour may present as physical complaints (stomach aches, headaches, joint pain, etc), tantrums, purposely missing the bus, and/or verbal protests.  There are many reasons a child or adolescent may be refusing to go to school.  Whatever the reason is, getting the them back to school is a priority. For a child, their school is part of their identity (much like an adult’s profession is part of theirs), and maintaining this connection is important.  Together, we will work to identify the type of school refusal we are dealing with and find a way to move forward.


Child Anxiety Counselling Available.  For more information, click here: Anxiety

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